Summer has arrived!!

Another awesome day at the kitchen today, checking on my hard working scoby's and batches in process!  I started a secondary fermentation 3 days ago with rose petals, lavender and honey...a delicate yet very refreshing combination for our long awaited hot summer days.  It is a special 14 year old girl's birthday party this Sunday, so she requested this sophisticated and floral combination for her Birthday Booch, which has become a tradition in our home.  Secondary fermentation with flavourings take approximately 3-4 days, depending on the temperature, and I haven't been using my heating strips so the temperature is a bit lower and the ferment a bit slower...well worth the wait!   I threw on another secondary fermentation with organic tart cherry juice, which I am SO excited about, and can not wait to taste a glass when it is icy cold!!  Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful sunny weather!  xo Diane

Diane Mitchell