Bottling Time!

Today was an exciting day at the Commissary Kitchen because I bottled our fresh batch of booch in our new 12 oz bottles!!  Woohoo!  My amazing partner, in life and business, made me a lid with a pour spout to make bottling life easier...and it did!  Didn't lose a drop and much quicker than funnelling.  It's the little things like these that I am so grateful for.  Both flavours turned out beautifully, with a little help from some of our herbs in the garden.  We have a tangy, tart, and somewhat savoury Cucumber Basil and Lime,  which is perfectly refreshing for these hot summer days (and would make a killer cocktail too, just sayin').  And the Pineapple Mint that is sweet and deliciously pineapple-y :).  Pineapple is highly beneficial for digestion, immune support and has anti-inflammatory properties.  So, ladies and gentlemen, "Be like a Pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside".  Have a great weekend!  Diane xo

Diane Mitchell