Open for Business!!

Another exciting weekend for us as we were given our business licence on Friday (YAY)!!  Things are moving right along and we are quite thrilled to be able to offer our delicious booch to purchase!!  We currently have 5 different flavours, available to order from our website, and we will be adding another flavour or two as our "seasonal flings".  Our regular flavours which are all-season are: Claude Monet (lavender, honey and chamomile), Blue Ninja (blueberry, ginger and hibiscus), Lemon Ginger, Razz-Cherry and Pineapple Mint....YUM.  I am still having loads of fun experimenting with different tea combinations and amounts, and I am loving the white peony oolong and jasmine pearls, which give mild earthy and floral notes to the tea.  

I am also grateful to have finally found an amazing Organic Cane Sugar source...for our hard working Scoby's favourite fuel.  A Scoby is a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria that ferments the sugar into all of the amazing good bacteria and nutrients!  Currently all four of our Scoby mama's are in process.  We have Kip & Casey, and Frazey & Farrell.  Do you name your Scobys??  You know you must, as they are living organisms that also love it when you play them music, and talk to them (kinda like plants).  Some even meditate with them and send thoughts of gratitude and love to their brew...I mean, who wouldn't love that?  

Have a wonderful week everyone, and don't forget to place your booch orders!

xo Diane

Diane Mitchell