Talking 'bout my kegeration!

This week has been an amazing crash course in kegging and kegerating kombucha!  It started with Diane and I tracking down an amazing deal on a new Insignia dual tap kegerator.  Only after it arrived did I realize the minor detail that it was designed for commercial kegs and not our home brew ones!  So it was time to hit the internet for conversion instructions and a trip to Bosa Grape for supplies.  After swapping out the 4 keg tubing adapters the kegerator was ready for action!  We went to Commissary Connect kitchen next as we had a batch of Claude Monet just wrapping up its secondary fermentation and ready for kegging.  I connected the keg to the kegerator, fired up the CO2, fixed a small leak on one of the MFL adapters...and kombucha was flowing!  We'll throw a second keg of Blue Ninja in there in a few days, just in time for our back to school kombucha keg party this weekend.  We are now ready for growler sales!!   -   Arjuna

Diane Mitchell