Whistler Bound!

Well, the past few months have been insanely busy, and as you may have noticed we haven't blogged in a while so here we are...hello again!  We wanted to check in and share what has been going on in our lives as of late.  Most importantly, our plans and dreams of being permanent Whistler residents and business owners are drawing very near.  We are in the process of transitioning careers, transferring our Whistler Elixir business license, moving out of our Vancouver shared commercial kitchen space and into a new shared kitchen space in Function Junction.  AND, we have signed a lease on a townhouse in Nordic, a beautiful spot between Creekside and the village, and are thrilled to have a place to call home for May 1st!!  Phew, and that is to name a few things...

Personally, I am most excited about being so close to the mountains and lakes this spring and summer...and wandering around the paths and trails foraging for plants, berries and flowers.   I feel an intense craving for stillness within the giant trees and alpine meadows of the Whistler region, that is pulling me toward the wild and reconnecting with myself and the cycles of the nature.  But for now, we forge on checking off boxes on our to-do lists in eager anticipation of our new home...Til next time,

Diane xo

Diane Mitchell