After a long and winding journey the last few years we are proud to announce that the Whistler Elixir wild craft kombucha brewery is now open!!!  We are so happy with our brewery space and it's beautiful south facing mountain view!  We're in a fantastic new building at 1420 Alpha Lake Road in Function Junction with amazing neighbours up on the second floor.  Our ventilation system continually brings in fresh mountain air that our brew SCOBY's love to breathe in to work their fermentation magic!  We've designed it with an open concept that's perfect for ramping up our kombucha production.  Please come and visit us during our tap hours: Wednesdays 11-3, Fridays 3-7 and Sundays 11-3.  We'll be open to the public during these times for kombucha tasting and sales.  Please bring your empty growlers or other drink containers for refills!  We look forward to hosting you in our brewery!! - Diane & Arjuna

Diane Mitchell